Puppies for Sale

Puppies for Sale

French Bulldogs for Sale

These French Bulldog Puppies For Adoption are two to eleven  months old. The feature that is most appealing to the owners of French bulldog puppies for adoption is their affectionate behavior. If you are a first-time dog owner, they are the best choice for you because they are very adaptable. We offer French bulldog puppies for adoption and for sale at most affordable prices nearby because we believe they can be your new best friends if you give them proper care!

French Bulldog Puppies

Being the most popular breed in the United States, French bulldog puppies are not from France but from England. Frenchies are smaller than their traditional bulldog counterparts and this smushed-faced frenchie is loved everywhere in the world.
With a powerful muscular body, frenchies like both playing and relaxing on the sofa. Training these intelligent puppies is easy as long as you keep it fun. They enjoy lavishing love on their owners and get along with everyone from adults to children.

  • The French Bulldog’s expression seems glum, but the tiny canine is sweet, affectionate and downright hilarious. Standing calf-high and touting a pair of bat-like ears, Frenchies sport a look that is unmistakable and irresistible.

    Frenchies are friendly, intelligent and surprisingly adaptable, having found their way into the hearts of urban-dwellers the world over. The Frenchie’s versatile nature makes it the perfect family dog; they get along well with children and pets, and rarely bark.

    Frenchies are such good pets that owners can hardly resist describing them in excruciatingly affectionate details. Five minutes with this pooch and you’ll understand why Frenchies are one of the most popular dogs in the world.

    French Bulldogs need to be taken on long walks daily. Running around freely in a big fenced lawn is insufficient to please their instinct to stroll. Owners should also be aware that this breed is not good with high levels of heat due to the low level of their muzzle. They can experience breathing difficulty during extreme high-temperature levels.

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Care and Health

Caring for a French Bulldog is a one-of-a-kind experience. French Bulldogs are low-energy attention hounds who want nothing more than to cuddle up with their family, or maybe play on the living room floor. Prospective owners looking for an independent, outside dog should look elsewhere.

Frenchies are low-maintenance, adaptable, and get along well with other pets, children and strangers. However, like all dogs, caring for a French Bulldog comes with a number of breed-specific eccentricities that can prove challenging for owners caught unprepared.

Avoid Injury – French Bulldogs are susceptible to back and spinal issues which can cause pain, bladder and bowel control problems, and even partial paralysis. To avoid future spinal issues, it’s best to prevent your Frenchie from jumping off furniture or climbing stairs unassisted.

Consider installing a baby gate or small ramps to allow your Frenchie access to places where stairs can’t be avoided.

It’s also essential that you support your Frenchie’s spine when carrying them, and lifting them on to/off of furniture. – Never carry a small dog with one hand or by its paws or head. Support your Frenchie’s rear end with one hand and place another hand under their tummy to protect their spine.

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